In Sanity

The moonlit skies on hazy nights;

The morning suns and rays of light;

Gloomy shadows of grey and white

with specks of dust wandering in-to sight.


These weekend delights

and Monday blues,

through wars raging

and talks of truce;


With cardboard boxes I sit and play;

I sit and watch my world go astray;

My emotions collide in frenzied fray

and eat me inside, for I’m the prey.


The memories of my fictitious glory;

While I live inside each broken story

And! the images of blood that stained;

Lie stashed away in my heart;



With all the madness, of worldly gain,

and the darkness of my ever-pouring rain,

through all the happiness, sadness and pain

It’s my unwavering sanity which drives me, “Insane”


By: Viraj Belgaonkar


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